Advice for Care Givers


Can you offer some tips to a caregiver considering Day Care options or other senior living solutions?

What are the new challenges adult children face once they realize they need help taking care of their aging parent?

Coping with Role Reversal

  • They’re having to be the decision maker
  • Support needed to deal with these changes

Education on whatever disease process their parent is experiencing

  • This includes limitations to independence
  • Education on various stages of disease/changes to expect
  • Communication techniques


  • Adult children are usually still working and have their own families. They feel pressure to support many different people.

Stress management is important so that they succeed in providing care to those needing it

Options include home care, reaching out to family, daycare

  • What are the most important things to think about when considering a senior care solution for your family member?

What needs are you fulfilling

  • Safety
  • Socialization
  • Respite
  • Caregiver support


  • What’s the cost of the service
  • What’s the cost to you, your family, your parent/spouse if you don’t invest in the service?

What are the emotions (not sure that it’s just emotions—maybe “thoughts”?) they go through when facing the choice to get help?

  • Guilt
  • Financial ability
  • What if my loved one resists
  • Which location/option is best, how will I know?
  • Sadness that it’s come to this

What are some misled beliefs about ADHC’s – and what is something unique about ARKC?

  • That it’s for those with dementia
  • That it’s only for older seniors
  • Our nurse navigator is unique-allows us to go beyond our 4 walls to support the whole person.  We also provide 1:1 caregiver support and will meet with CG and participant if needed to help with coping, problem-solving, etc.

What important distinctions are there about the level of care needed (i.e. ADC vs. ADHC for example)

  • ADHC is for those needing health monitoring, more individualized care from RN, PT, OT, SW
  • ADC is for those that are relatively active, may have dementia, just need socialization and safe place to be during day.

How do you know when you are ready to get help?

  • When loved one not safe at home.
  • When they’re regressing, not thriving
  • When they’re not getting out of the house, watching tv all day, etc.
  • When you’re stressed and at your wits end.

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