Management Team

Amy Andonian, Avenidas President and CEO

Amy Andonian

President and CEO

(650) 289-5440

Maureen Breen, Avenidas Vice President of Finance and Administration

Maureen Breen

Vice President, Finance and Administration

(650) 289-5443

Mary Hohensee, Avenidas Vice President of Development

Mary Hohensee

Vice President, Development

(650) 289-5446

Camille Kennedy, Avenidas Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

Camille Kennedy

Vice President, Strategic Partnerships

(650) 289-5424

Kari Martell, Avenidas Vice President of Marketing

Kari Martell

Vice President, Marketing & Communications
Media Contact

(650) 289-5427

John Sink, Avenidas Vice President of Programs

John Sink

Vice President, Programs

(650) 289-5421

Program Managers

Kristina Lugo

Kristina Lugo

Director, Avenidas Rose Kleiner Center

(650) 289-5498

Erika Thomas, Director, Avenidas Village

Erika Thomas

Director, Avenidas Village

(650) 289-5404

John Sheffield, Manager, Avenidas Handyman Services

John Sheffield

Manager, Handyman Services

(650) 289-5426

Jyllian Halliburton, Manager, Avenidas Volunteer Services

Jyllian Halliburton

Manager, Volunteer Services

(650) 289-5412

placeholder silhouette of a woman in a suit

Tracy McCloud

Center Director

(650) 289-5436

Paula Wolfson, Manager, Avenidas Care Services

Paula Wolfson

Manager, Avenidas Care Partners

(650) 289-5438

Catherine Gong, Avenidas Director of Talent and Culture

Catherine Gong

Director, Talent and Culture

(650) 289-5408